In between Goodbyes and Bonjours

A Few Weeks Ago

It was a mundane Saturday morning, followed by an equally dull afternoon. I was preparing myself to crawl through it, when the door bell rang, and the courier boy at the doorstep delivered an envelop, with a stamp from VFS Global on it.

The day lit up at once, giving me a solid realization that a new chapter started from that moment, as I was holding my approved Visa stamped inside the passport. In every minute followed by that particular one, the mind was experiencing a roller coaster of emotions. When one moment was thoroughly exhilarating, the other had a gloomy shade in it. Sometimes it was me jumping with thrills, and then in the next moment I experienced a few mild panic attacks. The longing of meeting the husband in the new city filled the heart with joy, and then a few rounds of guilt trips of leaving the parents behind, made the eyes wet.

Yes. Leaving everything what we had was difficult. From friends to family, a satisfying job to a city, which witnessed six years of my life- parting with them felt like a void, an irreversible one. But living a new life chasing our dreams was equally fulfilling and exciting. The idea of moving away from everything we knew, trusted, and loved was terrifying, but the fear of being nonchalant and becoming stagnant scared us more. We’d become so accustomed to change now that the prospect of staying still scared us, rather than the other way around.

So after realizing that the thrill of taking up risks and passion for shaping up a new life was way stronger than the comfort zone, the decision was made.

In the next few days, we had lots to do, in two different parts of the world. While the husband was busy exploring the new city, figuring out where-to-stay and what-to-eat stuff, I was spending most of my time in India visiting families, relatives and friends, and also in packing my belongings for the move. In between many see-offs and farewell sessions, I finally boarded the flight for Montreal, with emotions intensified as the airplane sped across the runway and took off the land.

Present Day

Old Port, Montreal

Well, I have seen a fair share of sunsets in my life . I have witnessed a sun painting the sky orange from the Leh Palace, one playing hide and seek with the pines of Binsar, and another gorgeous sun going down in a random beach in Goa.  Each time I witnessed a new one, different feelings evoked within me- some gave me feelings of satisfaction, some made me nostalgic. And today, when watching this sunset from the Old port of Montreal, holding his hands tightly in mine, I could only be grateful. For the little things, big things and for everything in between life has offered so far.

As we walked past the port, a big blue deck board against the sky dazzled orange flashed, saying, ‘Bonjour, welcome to Old Port, Montreal’.

Will keep writing about how the new life shapes up in Montreal. Stay connected.




6 Comments Add yours

  1. soniadogra says:

    Good luck in your new abode!


    1. Thank you Sonia 😊


  2. Beautifully written. I am amazed by your simplicity in expressing such complex emotions.


  3. All the best. I am sure it will be wonderful experience for the two of you.


    1. Thank you so much 😊


  4. Doga says:

    Beautiful.. Apni jaise story lag rahi hai


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