Looking at A City that Turns White

He saw it all, my complete madness over chasing the snow in the Himalayas, extensive research to find out when and where to get fresh snowfall while checking weather forecasts like a maniac, and the cravings I had for chunks of snow falling on my face.  And finally, when he saw me dancing like a crazy monkey as the snow finally started pouring down after hours of waiting and praying, he murmured to me, “One day I will take you to a place so full of snow that you will no longer crib for getting more snow ever.”

Little did I know that his casual promise of taking me to a fairy-snow land will be this real, and that too this soon. Well I must admit that this is a classic example of someone keeping his promise, quite literally!

The first experience of getting the ‘real’ snowfall in the coldest country of the world is unreal! The snow-covered city is so pretty and so beautiful that even after months of continuous snow­, I cannot but stop to admire the white landscapes. I can click thousands of photos of  the sky throwing cotton balls at me, and still not be content. I gaze at the barren trees nurturing tiny flakes of snow on their branches, and even without leaves and flower, they appear no-less-beautiful to me. Waking up in the morning to get a snow-covered balcony, and walking on the thick-white roads holding a cup of coffee and wearing ‘—30 degree’ jackets and boots, still feel like favorite scenes from a Christmas movie.

Sometimes things happen that are way better than those you wished for, way better than what you include in your bucket list, way better than what you saw others do. So while continuing to dream, I took a pause, only to appreciate all the beautiful things happening to me, and to stitch a wonderful story out of them, which will be even better than my dreams.

So these months of snowfall in Montreal reconfirms that even if I tell you a million ways to be happy, witnessing a snowfall always tops my list. And every time, the hand froze a little, and fingers, numb, the smile grew a bit wider, and the heart, warmer.

Let me take you to a photo stroll of one evening, as we made our way to Old Montreal to have dinner. We noticed how the fresh white snow has engulfed the entire town, and how the fairly lights became the perfect accessory to the snowy gorgeousness. Yes, it almost looked like we were in a snow paradise.



And if you want to know how I see a winter morning from home, check this out 🙂


IMG-9161Pictures and my happiness courtesy: Mr Alamyan 🙂



3 Comments Add yours

  1. Umashree Medhi says:

    I am awed by your post and the pictures in it. Your writing is uplifting. Stay blessed 😇❤️


  2. Gitartha Dev Sarmah says:

    A good read.
    Looking forward for more


  3. Doga says:

    Kudos to Mr. Alamyan.. Kya photo li hai


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